Medior / Senior Full-Stack Developer (Java, Angular)

Danubius Expert Zrt.

We’re a seasoned software development company with over 14 years under our belt, with over 80 IT professionals on board. Our clientele is as diverse as our expertise, stretching from the banking realm to educational startups, with projects scattered both locally and on international shores.

We’re on the hunt for a Java Spring and Angular developer with at least mid-level (medior) experience.

We’re open to a 4-day, 32-hour weekly work rhythm, allowing you to balance work and life seamlessly. You can dial in from the comfort of your home, with team days being the exception. Outside our core hours of 10-16, you're at the helm of managing your work schedule.

Our hiring process unfolds in two engaging rounds:

  • The first meet-up lasts about 1.5 hours, kicking off with a casual chat followed by a deep dive into professional queries.
  • Round two gets you face-to-face with one of our trailblazers, and, if the project team is set, a rendezvous with your future squad awaits.

What will you do?

  • Code composition and orchestration.
  • Engaging fervently in Scrum events.
  • Active participation in planning and refinement sessions.
  • Handling architectural design compositions.
  • Conducting code reviews and demonstrations.
  • Scripting automated tests for your code segments.
  • Continual dialogues with business analysts, fellow developers, and testers.

What do we expect from you?

  • A solid 3-year voyage with Java Spring.

  • An equally solid 3-year journey in web frontend development, with Angular as your compass.

  • Deep-rooted knowledge in HTML and CSS.

  • SQL knowledge.

  • Clean code-ismeretet.

  • Clean code practices are your second nature.

  • Experience in peer code review.

  • Fluent Hungarian and English articulation, both written and verbal.

  • A proactive stance, robust problem-solving prowess, result-oriented mindset, and independent structured thought processing.

Nice to have:

  • Previous work experience in Java EE.

  • React experience.

  • Previous engagements in the banking, insurance, or educational domain.

  • A clear envisioning of the product/solution you are crafting.

  • Wider knowledge / experience with Agile methodologies like Scrum and Kanban

  • Mutual appreciation for the code review process.

Why choose us?

  • Despite our company size, we ensure personalized attention, fostering individual growth, and aligning tasks with each member’s developmental goals.
  • Our robust project pipeline allows for selective engagement in exciting and meaningful challenges, all within realistic and manageable timelines.
  • We value a collaborative ethos where your technical insights are revered; there’s no overarching sales team overriding technical decisions, and our clients appreciate our technical sagacity.
  • We offer diverse career trajectories whether you are inclined towards technical deep-diving, architecture, or management. Through annual planning, we align tasks to propel you forward along your chosen path.
  • For those interested, we provide access to native English coaching and professional development coaching.
  • We champion a culture where colleagues collaborate, transcending the mere notion of 'resources'.

What do we offer?

  • Competitive salary package calibrated to your experience and working hours (a company car is a potential perk).

  • Comprehensive Medicover health insurance to ensure your well-being.

  • Unrestricted home office opportunities, except on designated team days.

  • Provision of personal work tools, including a laptop, mobile, and a subscription package.

  • Opportunities for engagement in professional conferences and training sessions to further hone your skills.