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Value creation

We love to create software that is loved. Therefore we focus on achieving your business goals, and serving your users with a memorable experience (UX/CX). Make your competitors sit up and take note!

Professionalism & Humanity

Continuously learning and improving ourselves to bring the latest & greatest technologies to our customers is a priority. But the human side is even more important. Hence we focus on clear communication, agile methodologies and collaboration as true partners.

Honesty & Esteem

We promise only what we can deliver. And we deliver what we promise. You can always count on us to communicate honestly & transparently on all matters. Even if we make mistakes (which we really rarely do), you will know about it


Creating a software is a real (ad)venture! Once we join your project, we are in the same boat. We grab the paddles, but will also watch ahead to warn you about potential risks and help to mitigate them.

What Our Clients Tell You?

Five coworkers sitting in an office meeting room with laptops, watching a presentation together on a screen in front of them.

We know your field


sales frontends, agent portals, claims management


learning management systems, parent portal, school ERP, educational games


customer onboarding, loan origination & approval, CRM processes, product management

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Daniel Tari

For business-related inquiries

Email: daniel.tari@danubius.ioPhone: +36 20 663 4191
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Peter Halasz

For technical inquiries

Email: peter.halasz@danubius.ioPhone: +36 20 401 6420