Case studies

Whether you're considering to outsource an entire project or to complement your own team with additional experts, you'll find valuable insights about our successful projects in our case studies below.

Staff augmentation

Are you searching for extra development capacity or supplementary skills? Look no further. Learn how we work in remote teams from our previous projects below.

A collaboration iteratively evolving

We were asked to collaborate with MediaSpecs after a couple of months of active development to focus on the safe production release of the application. The main focus – safe production release – was achieved by improving the delivery (with CI/CD) process. The deployment was automatic with additional code review and other quality assurance parts.

Development of corporate pricing module in a containerized environment

CIB Bank aimed to develop an integrated frontend solution to support its corporate lending process. The result was one system providing faster ‘time to yes’ with a streamlined process. The pricing module is live and successfully supports the Bank's corporate sales

Nearshoring team augmentation

Infinitas faced the challenge of wanting to carry out a significant amount of development and not deviating from their strategy. With our help, they managed to successfully implement their digital strategy by fostering great engineering culture while replacing or modernizing legacy applications.

Legacy renewal

Legacy apps are often problematic - not with us though! Whether it's a partial or a complete architectural renewal, your data and knowhow is in safe hands. Let us show you how.

Allianz Insurance Claim Management System (Allexa): Legacy Takeover and Replacement (2021)

How can a core system be safely and smoothly transitioned to a new vendor in a short timeframe? How can this opportunity be leveraged for a successful system replacement project?

Allianz Unified Agent Portal: Agent Frontend with Knowledge Portal and Product Catalog

How to build a digital solution that successfully supports the sales and client nurturing efforts of agents? How to create a user experience that attracts younger generations to join as agents?

Preserving long-standing values during technology change

When the project was started, the Bank’s portal solution was based on an outdated, unsupportable technology. Finding experts for maintaining such an outdated portal proved to be quite the challenge. With our help, the Bank achieved its goal - the new frontend exhibits a future-proof, modern technological direction making it far easier to find developers.

Streamlining backend services for banking applications: outsourcing and integration

We collaborated to attract customers to online platforms and extend the backend system to other banking apps. We ported the backend to Spring, introduced tests, and improved integrations.

Groupama Hungary: New, multi-channel self-service solutions and architecture modernization

How to create and put into practice the digital transformation mindset and transform IT so that it becomes a key enabler in this process?


Outsourcing can be challenging due to communication barriers, cultural differences, and quality control issues. However, we have experience working with clients from different backgrounds and developed effective strategies to mitigate these risks. See for yourself here.

Application handover to a nearshoring project team

Plantyn was stuck developing its market-leading e-learning solution in Belgium. Their previous supplier was not able to improve it and they didn’t have an internal team to hand it over to.

From basic to brilliant: the mobile app upgrade journey of sought to upgrade its mobile app without losing its user-friendly essence. Our partnership led to the successful enhancement of their app, leveraging Flutter for cross-platform compatibility and introducing advanced features, reinforcing as a top-choice online booking system.